1. Damn straight skippy
  2. The eclipse was way cooler on Tattooine
  3. 204 servings!
  4. Monkey with a gun
  5. Deliver me from Swedish furniture
  6. Get off my lawn!

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  7. Trogdor the Burninator!

  8. Elevator in the Brain Hotel
It was much as though a blind race, after studying physics, should invent organs of sight
  10. inspirationfeed:

Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass
It is a very neat shot glass, when filled the liquid inside the skulls seems to “float” inside of the rim of the glass, it is hard to describe but it looks incredibly cool. The shot glass is made out of blown glass and is hollow on the bottom. The skull kind of hang down inside and doesn’t contact the sides of the glass except on the top.
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Ooooo…. I want a set of these…
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